02 August, 2011

What if a baby is unconscious, not breathing and no pulse?


These tips are general recommendations for an emergency. Not intended to replace professional classes in first aid and resuscitation.

The performance against a cardiac arrest of an infant not much different from the action to be performed in an adult.

For the opening of the airways, is often enough to make a small extension of the neck. It is important to a good cleaning of the mouth. To breathe air into the baby will use the technique of mouth-nose placing the rescuer's mouth so completely covering the mouth and nose of the child.

If we find no pulse, begin cardiac massage: locate the point of compression in the middle of sternum two fingers just below the line joining the nipples. Compression we will do with the index and middle fingers sinking the sternum 1.5 to 3 cm and seeking to establish a rate of about 120 compressions per minute.

's relationship with cycles of resuscitation will be a blow five cardiac massage.

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