09 September, 2011

Cosmetic surgery

Is socially acceptable to have a skin care, smooth and flawless is an attribute of physical attractiveness. However, we are often hard to accept that as we age, keeping the skin healthy, radiant light and becomes increasingly difficult. The face is the "calling card" of the people and so we want to take care of both, yet is the most exposed body area and therefore more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun .

Cosmetic surgery has developed rapidly in recent years

The search for a perfect body and eternal youth by many people has led to a rapid development of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery in recent years throughout the world. It is said, not without irony, that in countries like Brazil, where they live with other developed areas very poor, there are many more cosmetic surgery clinics that basic health centers. In many other countries, the high demand for cosmetic surgery procedures by citizens has also led to an extraordinary proliferation of these clinics or centers that provide technical and surgical care for a thousand and one problems of beauty and health.

In Here we review very briefly the most popular techniques and procedures, beyond those already described in previous articles.

It is important to know that most of the techniques we describe, like many other surgical procedures involving or involve certain risks and uncertainties such as infection, bleeding or bleeding, problems with blood clotting and adverse reactions to anesthesia. It is therefore important to choose a plastic surgeon or a specialist in the field highly qualified and accredited clinic or center that provides basic guarantees of hygiene and equipment to reduce or avoid such risks and complications.

have been described more than thirty procedures and treatment techniques for aesthetic and cosmetic problems from which this article will discuss the most important and frequently requested. The treatment referred to breasts as well as facial cosmetic surgery , are skipped in this article because they are treated separately in other articles.

Tummy Tuck

is basically a procedure different from liposuction , which involves flattening or leveling of abdomen by removing fat from the belly and the strengthening of the skin and abdominal wall muscles. It is usually done with anesthesia or local with sedation generally does not last more than 2-3 hours and allowed to return to the patient's normal activity within 2-4 weeks.

"Peeling" or "peeling"

The peeling or "bare" chemical in the skin of the face is a chemical process in which substances are used as phenol or trichloroacetic acid in order to restore the skin of the face, eliminating wrinkles and pigmented lesions or spots or patches of skin caused by sun exposure, using a face mask that produces a bare, ie, an irritation of the upper layers of the skin of the face with subsequent desquamation. This technique works best on smooth thin skin with superficial wrinkles. Takes 1 to 2 hours and requires no anesthesia. Produces or causes little local discomfort, such as redness of the skin or warmth, which disappear in a few days.

Local injections of fat or collagen

These injections are given in the skin of the face, lips, cheeks, chin or, ultimately, the body area to be modified. It is a very simple procedure that usually requires no anesthesia, short duration and only involves the risk of occurrence of an allergic reaction to collagen (a test usually performed prior to injection of the substance to verify whether or not allergies ).

Dermabrasion or skin abrasion

consists of a mechanical scraping of the surface layers of the skin through a small high-speed rotary wheel. Often this technique is used to smooth the skin surface irregularities, including acne and other small facial scars, marks or fine wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

Surgery of the ear and eyelid

techniques exist to treat the ears separate or "jug" (otoplasty), closer to the head or techniques for reducing the size of large ears. They are usually made ​​in children with certain complexes.

Other techniques, such as blepharoplasty, corrects the fall of the upper eyelids and eliminate pockets of fat from the lower eyelids.

Facial implants

basically change the shape and pursue the basic balance of the face, using small facial implants to build a retracted chin, cheekbones, or redraw emphasize the jaw line.

Finally, many other techniques are used to correct problems of the forehead, remove facial wrinkles and scars by laser or by reinstating the hair grafts hair in bald areas, we address further in this article

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