10 August, 2011

First aid; Shock and dismay. What are they?

A shock and fainting occur as a result of the lack or decreased blood supply to tissues that not enough oxygen. When the brain receives an adequate supply of oxygen produces a feeling of weakness, disorientation and dizziness.

  • Shock can occur after an accident in which blood has been lost too.

  • After a severe infection with fluid loss.

  • After a severe burn .

  • Other processes that occur after loss of fluids or blood.

  • When blood flow is too slow, low blood pressure and too little oxygen circulating through the body.

When this happens, the person:

  • It will remain pale.

  • Begin to sweat and stay cool.

  • They get dizzy.

  • Will the weak and rapid pulse.

  • Will have low blood pressure.

  • Will the rapid, shallow breathing.

  • You'll be nervous the intranquila.

  • You can lose consciousness.

What if someone suffers a shock or faint?

First and whenever possible, we must treat the underlying cause:

  • Monitor vital signs, treat the injury if possible and reassure the people.

  • The person should lie on your back, preferably with your feet up, to ensure that enough blood reaches the brain.

  • Make sure the person is warm, comfortable and covered by a blanket, if possible.

  • Do not give anything to drink since it runs the risk of choking.

  • If the person vomits or bleeds from the mouth, it should be side to prevent choking.

  • Call an ambulance and evacuate the victim urgently. A person with a shock should always be seen by a doctor.

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