31 October, 2011

Causes of stretch marks on the body

Origin of the grooves. The striations are the result of the breakdown of elastic fibers in the skin, because when it is stretched too much, to accommodate the increased volume of the body, less elastic fibers break down and create those famous brands . At first they are pink, then red and finally white. Why leave stretch marks on the skin: yo-yo dieting or weight goes up and down: • One of the most common causes of stretch marks appear. Hormonal changes: • The most common case is when girls reach puberty and begin to grow breasts, also occur with menopause, even without any weight increased or decreased sharply. Inheritance: • Another common cause, in other words if her mother does, is probably one of his legacies. Pregnancy • Stretching the skin of the abdomen produces, in most cases, the rupture of the tissues, because as the skin is made ​​up of fibers in a mesh if the stretch is very sharp and fast, or if there is deficiency of elastin (a substance that causes the skin elasticity) and collagen (which provides firmness), there is a risk they present, the internal and external rupture.

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