28 May, 2011

Back pain: how to prevent

We understand that pain back pain affecting the back of the trunk, ie, from the nape to the sacrum or the end of the spine. Of all the backaches, the most common (affecting 7 or 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives) is that which corresponds to the area or lower back and then talk back pain or lumbago . The next most often neck pain or neck and, lastly, though quite often too, back pain or middle back.

Man on a table getting a massage
Back pain is, among others, with heat and gentle massage when there is muscle spasm.

In this article we will describe some highlights of back pain, with special reference to low back pain, and will discuss appropriate measures to prevent it by calling postural hygiene.

Why is it important to back pain?

few health problems such as back pain, have an important impact at the personal, employment, socio-economic costs and health costs in any country. From a labor standpoint and economic, low back pain is a major cause of low and work disability and absenteeism from work in our environment.

In the response to treatment and prognosis of the problem as involving not only physical factors but also psychological, social and labor, which play a major role and are often difficult to assess and resolve.

What are the causes of back pain?

There are many causes of back pain, but the most common (up to 90% of cases) are due to mechanical disorders of the spine, either degenerative or thinning of the bones and joints of the vertebrae, and by changes in the muscles and ligaments of the back (overload, contractures, trauma). Overall, the degenerative changes predominate in the elderly, while the involvement of the muscles and ligaments is more suitable for teenagers and adults.

The remaining 10% of cases are due to alterations or specific diseases such as diseases of bone metabolism , infection, tumors or bone metastases from other tumors, trauma, or various rheumatologic diseases. In any case, it is always important to rule out the existence of some of these causes as the approach and treatment can be very different.

How will the doctor about the cause of my back pain?

As in many other facets of medicine, the doctor will perform a series of questions about the pain (onset form, duration, location and possible radiation, rhythm, factors that relieve or aggravate it, etc..) examine the patient carefully and, if necessary, request certain additional tests like X-rays, blood tests , etc.. or refer the patient to the appropriate specialist.

How is back pain?

Once established, back pain is, in general, initially with the first few days rest, warmth and gentle massage when there is muscle spasm-like drugs and simple analgesics such as acetaminophen or salicylates, NSAIDs and muscle relaxants.

How I can prevent the onset of back pain?

The prevention of back pain is one of the mainstays of treatment. In recent years in Spain have developed various programs for the prevention of back pain that stands out the Back School.

This is an educational program aimed at patients who provides general information about spine, posture and physical activity recommended and prevention and back exercises. This is to involve the patient in the care of your back to prevent mild cases become chronic and to achieve social and professional reintegration of the most serious or chronic.

Hygiene measures or postural advice

  • It is advisable to sleep or rest in the so-called fetal position. As an alternative, proposed sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees.

  • When standing and motionless, it is advisable to support one foot slightly ahead on a small stool or block of wood 15 to 20 cm. in height. A practical example would be the use of the stool during the task board.

  • If necessary bending, it is advisable to do so by bending the knees with legs apart (squat), but keeping your back as straight as possible. Knees To help in this task, it is useful to seek support (a chair, a dresser, a wall, etc..), Both the bending and the time to rejoin. If you find it more comfortable, you can bend one knee support on the ground. Simple domestic example, it is preferable to top-loading washer.

  • When you get out of bed, go to your edge, drop the legs and, leaning with both arms, slowly sit up contracting the abdominal muscles. Once seated on the edge of the bed, use your hands for support to stand.

  • When making the bed kneeling recommend keeping your back straight.

  • When dressing, do so granted. When put on, put your leg on the thigh of the opposite side. The long back straight.

  • Regarding the shopping cart, drag it rather than push it averted a forced rotation. The handle should be high (up to the elbows) and are preferred four-wheeled cars to two.

  • To drive, you must fully support the back in the back. The arms should remain slightly bent and your knees higher than your hips.

  • Rising from the chair should do so with eyes straight ahead. Rest your arms on the chair, move to the edge of the seat, move the head forward and one foot delay, which will serve as encouragement and support to stand.

  • When sweeping, you must side with the broom near the body, open and semi-flexed legs and back straight. Reciprocating movements will be made based on legs and tilt-rotation of the trunk.

  • Scrub should do like sweeping. To wring the mop bucket placed between the feet. Wring the mop press, making the rotation of the arms, not turning the column.

  • In the work of office, the height of tables and chairs must be adequate to keep the back straight. Your arms should be at right angles to the table. Knees higher than hips. The upper edge of the computer screen to eye level. When working with documents, place them on an easel. The chair should ideally have armrests, 5 legs with wheels, adjustable backrest and the seat height should be equally regulated. The feet must be flat on the floor or footrest.

  • To catch a tall object is recommended a step stool instead of straining your back stretching.

  • To get an accurate weight of the soil is bending properly and place the object as close to the body. Slowly lift your back straight.

  • To carry weight, load weight always close to the body and divided between both arms.

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