30 April, 2011

Back care at work

Injuries can occur

Vertebral fractures

are typical of construction workers and miners, by falls or by release of heavy metals on the patient. The usual mechanism is a forward bending of the body compresses (s) vertebra (s) so that they deform more flattened in front than behind, is a typical fracture "wedging" which represents the vast majority of these lesions.

Lord sorrowing back
Awkward postures or maintained provoke a reaction of the muscles and therefore a muscle contraction.

The higher the bone deformity are at greater risk of compressing the spinal cord, so the severe crushing should be operated. The most common surgery involves fusing the vertebrae damaged the neighbors, adding an internal metallic material that supports the assembly.

Milder cases are treated with a brace for months followed by rehabilitation.

Contractures spinal

vertebrae are arranged in a chain. The position of each link or vertebra over the other depends on the ligaments and muscles.

The postures or maintained trigger a reaction of the muscles, which are kept in continuous contraction. The lack of relaxation causes muscle pain. It's called "muscle contraction", which means the vast majority of back pain.

Also, any traumatic injury to the back, either fracture or sprain, cause this type of muscle reaction.

Vertebral sprains

Typical drivers, crash occurs and sudden stops, causing a swinging movement of the head distended (and sometimes break) the ligaments connecting the vertebrae.

This case is almost unique to the cervical vertebrae due to the particular anatomy of this area.

The treatment of severe cases is surgery, because of the risk of spinal cord injury. The mild and moderate cases, which are the vast majority are treated with cervical collar for several days followed by a period of rehabilitation.


Postural hygiene concept

postural hygiene is a set of physical activity standards must be met to prevent injury, back here.

These rules apply to the right and wrong way to make an effort and depend on specific job But in the case of the back can be divided into two groups: those that must be continually sit workers (clerks and drivers) and those affecting workers great effort (construction, mining, farmers).

Workers sitting

position of the chair should allow your back is straight and the hips approximately 90 ° flexed, so that your thighs are horizontal to the ground, also, the forearms should be horizontal.

The shape of the seat should allow your lower back remains slightly arched, to maintain the physiological curve of the back.

's gaze should be directed forward or slightly down, so no computer monitors to very low or very table at the sides, so that the neck is not rotate.

From time to time is advisable to stop and spend a few minutes stretching exercises. Each person has their own time but you should stop every hour or hour and a half.

stretching movements are gentle, slow and progressive in its execution, trying to achieve maximum mobility but without noticeable pain. It is normal "pop" the intervertebral joints to make them.

Some recommended exercises for the neck is smooth movements of the head in a circle, forward and backward and sideways, while maintaining high shoulders (the "shrug" relaxes the trapezius muscle, the source of much of the cervical contractures).

Another type of exercises are performed standing, for example by supporting each hand on one corner of the wall and allowing the body to lean forward while flexing the elbows and face tends to play against the wall. Also standing with your back straight, will cross with arms bent and elbows as much as possible try to direct them back.

The exercises recommended for lumbar, and often practiced lying dorsal face up in a relatively hard surface. Some of them are:

  • With an initial position of his arms crossed over his chest and knees slightly bent, raise the buttocks as possible;

  • In another exercise we start from a kneeling position straight and hands behind your head with fingers interlaced and progressively raise the elbows without unlocking the fingers.

Great efforts Workers

If work at heights must wear harness to prevent falls. They should also wear a helmet if there is danger of detachment (rocks, bricks, wood, etc.)..

If you are inclined to work and lifting weights is convenient to use a strong lumbar fascia at the time to lift the aim to keep back straight and knees slightly bent so that the effort is transmitted from the back of the thighs

Advantages of swimming

is the quintessential healing exercise. The thrust of the water reduces body weight and posture is horizontal, which suffers less from the chain backbone. The movements are harmonious, without which adversely impacts the vertebral joints and continuity of effort developing spinal musculature relaxes while.

Treatment of the contracture established

in the early days is desirable to use a brace, ie a ring that hold the painful area, downloading efforts. In the neck is a collar and a belt in the lower back. There are also bracing dorsal area specific, but generally less tolerant.

The neck collars should be used in the shortest possible time, usually measured in days, to avoid excessive muscle atrophy.

should apply local heat, well with the spray of the shower, electric blanket, etc..

relaxant medication (muscle relaxants) may be useful as well as analgesics.

In a chronic contractures may be useful to a specific cycle of therapy.

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