31 May, 2011

What is the purpose zinc and selenium in the skin

Selenium and zinc for skin beauty. The zinc and selenium are antioxidants benefiting two minerals much the appearance of the skin. The skin Zinc: A mineral essential • it strengthens our defenses. • It helps the skin stay healthy and strong. • Promotes healing of skin wounds and burns, including those caused by the sun. • Its importance is such that, if deficits appear severe cases of dermatitis (skin thickening, redness , itching, flaking). Foods with zinc: • Seafood (especially oysters), milk and its derivatives, liver, pumpkin, onion, wheat germ, egg, yeast, sunflower seeds, nuts and legumes. selenium for the skin: • Helps the immune system. • Prevents premature aging. Foods with selenium: • Garlic, onions, avocado, milk, grain, yeast, fish and meat.

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