01 December, 2010

Blisters on the feet

Blisters on the feet

Who has not ever had the problem of blisters on your feet after a long walk? What to do to cure blisters?

A blister is irritated area on the skin due to rubbing. Unsuitable shoes often cause redness of the skin which will lead the development of a blister if it does not protect the affected area with a hydrocolloid strip (adhesive bandage or dressing). To prevent blisters, shoes should not bother at the time of the test before you buy. Use socks also helps avoid the appearance of blisters. What to do when a blister blisters need to be treated properly to avoid becoming infected. First, it is necessary to puncture the blister. This can be used by passing a needle through a flame, wash the area with water until the liquid from the blister. Then clean the wound with alcohol to reduce the risk of infection or healing ointment and an adhesive bandage or dressing to isolate the area. The adhesive strip can simply skip the pain but the healing time will be the same.

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