11 November, 2010

Taking care after 30

The 30 are a very good age for both men and for women, but now it's time to start caring as lifestyle affect our health over time.

It is from the 30 years when the word health appears on our horizon. At this age many people have created their own family and have even decided to have children. Studies prove that people without children are more likely to abuse alcohol and smoking. If you smoke, remember that it's never too late to decide to quit smoking . Several studies show that quitting smoking at this age is not a big cut in life expectancy compared to a nonsmoker.The key to our future health is in our food. A healthy diet , balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, ensuring our body the necessary nutrients and away from the problem of obesity, linked to heart disease and one of the risk factors for diabetes . In addition, a healthy diet also helps to prevent various cancers.

Caring for the skin and prevent hair loss
The skin care becomes a major concern for many people because the skin is most evident in the passage of time.
The hair becomes another front for many men and women who want to hide the passage of time. In both cases, there are genetic components against which little can be done. But healthy eating and physical activity practice on a regular basis are two simple ways to prevent aging.
And remember walking thirty minutes a day: walking is health , keeps us fit and prevents overweight obesity, heart disease, and even depression oestoporósis.

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