30 September, 2011

Gynecological examination

What is a gynecological exam?

In the various specialties of medicine scans better try to fix the patient and obtain data to guide the diagnosis of their condition, so for example when a person has a sense of fatigue , the doctor listen to the lungs to see the degree of involvement or the main location of your problem.

When a woman goes to the gynecologist for any problems related to their reproductive system, the specialist must submit to an examination which is a recognition of the external genitals, vagina and the cervix or uterus .

To explore the vagina and the cervix, it is necessary to introduce an instrument called a speculum, it is a little gadget on a duck-billed, which when opened in the interior of the vagina reveals the cervix; of Thus it can be seen from a macroscopic point of view and see the possible injury of the vaginal wall.

The second part of the gynecological examination is the introduction of the index and middle fingers inside the vagina of the woman, placing the other hand on the lower abdomen, thus exploring the uterus and ovaries, receiving information about the shape, position and size, as well as its consistency and mobility.

Why is it different this examination to any other?

The main problem with this exploration is the shame and embarrassment that the patient manifests. This sentiment is logical and understandable, given the position you have to take the wife and the intimate nature of exploration. However, the best advice you can give is to make the necessary effort to relax, much less bother you because each of the interventions that we have previously explained.

This, presumably, has its logical explanation, because when a woman contracts the muscles of the pelvis also do, which causes the locking of the speculum into the walls of the vagina, causing more discomfort.

In the case older women, postmenopausal , or not regularly maintained sex, discomfort may be higher due to the lack of elasticity presented, in which case the practitioner uses lubricant on the speculum for better slip into the vagina.

For this reason, the best you can think of the woman who goes to the gynecologist, is subjected to a normal and necessary to scan it, and that the doctor is a valuable exploration. For its part, the physician should not forget what it might mean for the patient.

When should the first gynecological examination?

Every woman should undergo a gynecological examination when you start having sex and, of course, when present any problem of gynecological origin.

A virgin can be explored Gynecology

Yes, but with the following differences: the speculum will be smaller, and as much as the hymen will not allow that, and as for bimanual palpation (with both hands) is performed by inserting a finger in the vagina, while the other is placed in the rectum, to rule out abnormalities of the internal genitalia.

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