21 July, 2011

First Aid


These tips are general recommendations for an emergency. Not intended to replace professional classes in first aid and resuscitation.

Why learn first aid?

First aid is an important technique. Performing a few simple procedures and following certain guidelines, you can save lives if given basic treatment until professional medical help arrives.

Also remember that more is learned with practice. In an emergency there is no time to read instructions. If you have memorized some of the most basic procedures, you can react quickly and effectively.

Where do I start when giving first aid?

is important to identify those situations that pose an immediate threat to life.

The vital signs that we recognize are: awareness, breathing and pulse. It is interesting to know the recognition techniques and vital signs remain calm enough while these checks are being made.

The scan order is based on the priority criteria:

  • Ensure that air enters the lungs properly.

  • Check if you keep the pulse.

  • Detect and control possible major bleeding.

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