05 January, 2011

Yogurt and fruit diet

The yogurt and fruit diet can lose two to three kilos in just three days by combining yogurt with fruit and other foods.
The key to this diet is in the beneficial properties of the yogurt and fruit have on our body. Its benefits include a decrease in cholesterol, fat absorption, fight diarrhea, constipation and infections rebuilding the intestinal flora.

Operation of the diet of yogurt and fruit

Must be taken daily can add yogurt and a sweetener saccharin or no calories.
Day 1
Breakfast: coffee or tea with saccharine, a tablespoon of wheat bran and low-fat plain yogurt
Mid-morning: fruit yogurt
Lunch: a bowl with two natural yoghurt, a handful of chopped strawberries and a handful of grapes
Snack: plain yogurt or fruit
Dinner: plain yogurt and fruit
Day 2
Breakfast: orange juice, coffee or tea, nonfat plain yogurt with a tablespoon of bran or cereal
Mid-morning: fruit yogurt
Lunch: a bowl with two pieces of fruit and natural yoghurt
Snack: an apple and a pear
Dinner: Fresh salmon fillet grilled or baked, served with sauteed vegetables, a nonfat yogurt
Day 3
Breakfast: coffee or tea, nonfat plain yogurt and fruit
Mid-morning: fresh orange juice or tomato
Lunch: a plate of boiled rice along with vegetables, a yogurt
Snack: fruit yogurt
Dinner: fruit salad
Drawbacks of yoghurt and fruit diet
This is a restrictive diet does not provide enough calories and make us hungry. Eating yogurt and fruit can cause muscle and water removed from the body but not fat. This makes the so-called rebound effect so that the weight loss will return to manare recover quickly.

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